Mari Shields, Sculptor


Shigrinne, 2000
Burnt Maple, Elm, Willow, Chain
20' T x 12' W x 10' D
Kennedy Place

No. 10 Westminster
(Kennedy Place)

1998, Elm, 10' Tall
Commissioned by Providence Parks Department for CONVERGENCE XI

The Egg

No. 10 Westminster
(The Egg)

1998, Elm, 7' Tall
Commissioned by Providence Parks Dept. for CONVERGENCE XI
Bird's Eye

No. 10 Westminster
(Bird's Eye)

1998, Maple, 11' Tall
Commissioned by Providence Parks Dept. for CONVERGENCE XI

Tintinmaya II

Tintinmaya II, 1997
Black Walnut
Pier Walk '97, Chicago
Tintinmaya III

Tintinmaya III, 1997
Silver Maple
Pier Walk '97, Chicago

Shelter 10

Shelter 10, 1996
The Netherlands

Untitled, 1994
The Netherlands


Linden, 1993
The Netherlands
Land Lost Landscape

Land Lost Landscape, 1991
The Netherlands

  Mari Shields's work is included in the public collections of the cities of Amsterdam and Albrandswaard (NL) as well as Utrecht Province. She has recently received grants from the Dutch Foundation for the Fine Arts, Architecture and Design for ongoing work, the Prince Bernard Foundation for projects outside the Netherlands and project grants from Utrecht Province and the City of Amsterdam. Her work has been reviewed in various catalogues, newspapers and magazines, including RISD VIEWS (USA), BK Info, NRC Handelsblad, Volkskrant, Nieuws van de Dag, Vitrine, Kunstbeeld, and Metropolis M art magazines, and 'NOVA' and 'Veronica' (nationwide) television programs.

She is a free-lance editor and translator on contemporary art for the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Museum Krˆller-M¸ller, the Rietveld Art Academy and the Rijksacademie, the Dutch universities and galleries for contemporary art, as well as the Dutch Ministry of the Arts, the Foundations for the Fine Arts, Architecture and Design, etc. She teaches Creative Writing in English at the Volksuniversiteit in Amsterdam, is regularly involved in organizing art projects, exhibitions and artists' initiatives and was co-founder of Atelier WG International and Soester Overleg Kunstenaars. She is an active member of various national artists' organizations, including executive council member for exhibition policy for the Dutch Sculptors Association..

  M.F.A. (sculpture) Tulane University, (USA),1980
B.F.A. (painting), Rhode Island School of Design (USA), 1970
Registered goldsmith, Amsterdam 1972
  Cyperstein Castle, Loosdrecht, NL 1997
"Natuur in Beeld" Loewestein Castle, NL 1997
Pier Walk 97, Chicago, USA 1997
"Beelden aan de Linge", Geldermalsen, NL 1997
"Monument for a Beech", Albrandswaard, NL
Wood Street Gallery, Chicago, USA 1997
"Houwen in Hout", Orvelte (Symposium), NL 1996
L5, Roermond, NL 1996
Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam 1996
Marquette Castle Park, Heemskerk, NL 1996
Stadsbeelden Emmen, NL 1996
Drechtoevers Sculpture Park, NL 1996
Park Groeneveld, Baarn, NL 1996
Jeune Peinture, Paris 1995
"Sculpture at Hiemstrastaete", Hooghalen, NL 1995
Biennale 109, Espace Branly, Paris 1995
Kunstuitleen Nieuwegein, NL 1994
Festival des arts, Nontron, FR 1994
Arboretum Trompenburg, Rotterdam 1994
Salon de Printemps, Clichy, FR 1994
Sculpture in Soest/Hazelaar, NL 1993
"Tricolore" (atelier WG+Genie de la Bastille) Amsterdam 1993
Biennale 109, Grand Palais, Paris 1993
Genie de la Bastille, Paris 1992
Arboretum Trompenburg, Rotterdam 1992
BSI International, Leersum, NL 1992
Kunstuitleen Nieuwegein 1992
"Place d'Amis", Soest, NL 1992
"Jardin d'Amis", Soest 1991
"Lastlost Landscape Project", Soest 1991
Atelier W.G. International, Amsterdam 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992
Kritzraedhuis, Sittard, NL 1988
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NKvB) 1987
Park Groeneveld, Baarn 1986, 1987
OK, Amsterdam 1987
Makkom Gallery, Amsterdam 1985, 1986
Artishock/Stierman bv, Soest 1985
Boormans Gallery/Sculpture Park, Z.O. Beemster, NL 1982
Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans 1980
Newcomb Gallery, New Orleans 1980
John Haynes Ltd., London 1978
Aaron Faber Inc., New York 1975
Ina Broerse Gallery, Amsterdam 1974
Frankfurt Art Fair, Frankfurt 1974
Festival dei Due Mondi, Spoleto 1970
Palazzo Cenci, Rome 1970
Zaanse, Amsterdam 1970
Grants & Stipends
  Prince Bernard Foundation 1997
Foundation for the Fine Arts, Design & Architecture 1994-1997
Prince Bernard Foundation 1993
Project Grant, Province of Utrecht 1991,1993
Foundation for the Fine Arts 1986-1994
Municipal Arts Stipend, Amsterdam 1988
Presentation Grant Utrecht Province 1991,1993
2nd Prize Hill Country Arts Foundation 1980
Polaroid Corporation 1970-1972

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