Roy F. Staab, Sculptor

Monitor at Bay

Monitor at Bay, 1998
Cape Cod, MA
37' D by 33' W by 8' H
  Refractive Pearls

Refractive Pearls, 1998
Micox Bay
Bridgehampton, NY
50' D by 50 H'
White Stones

Shimane Mon

Shimane "Mon", 1996
Fukumisu, Shaimane
21' D by 8' H
  Swan's Tale

Swan's Tale, 1997
LongHouse Found
E. Hampton, NY
34' D by 18 H'

Mecox Star

Mecox Star, 1986
Mecox Pond
Bridgehampton, NY
42' by 42 by 10' H
  Turtle Yantra

Turtle Yantra, 1989
St. George Island, FL
34' by 34'
Sea Weed

Growth Rings

Growth Rings, 1997
Green Festival
Hiroshima, Japan
23' D by 28' H
  After Tide

After Tide 1997
Pugwash, NS
20.5' H by 33' W

  From the Bauhaus base of art, the geometric sculptures of Roy F. Staab embrace the land as both inspiration and provider of natural materials. These environmental site sculptures are created to be in harmony with the earth and relate to the site by their shape and size. The kinds of materials used are indigenous to the region and come from the site itself. Mr. Staab has used grasses, reeds, weeds, saplings, rice straw, bamboo, and sea weed to construct his sculptures.

Since the site is often on or near water, intriguing interactions are created between the surrounding nature and the sculpture, especially as the reflections in the water become part of the entire sculptural image. On the other hand, the site may become the materials for the work itself as when the wet sand is drawn in at low tide; when water is used to darken the line; or when stones are rearranged in a river so as to alter the surface of the water into geometric shapes.

Roy F. Staab is an internationally known artist who has made a variety of sculptures throughout Europe, America and Japan. He projects the ephemeral of life in his work and prefers the forces of nature to enhance and dismantle it. Staab's sculptures heighten our awareness of the process of nature and enable us to greater appreciate the moment of the art experience. In the final analysis, it is our memory of the work plus the photographic documentation which is the permanent product of his art. Roy F. Staab creates work by commission for Museums, festivals and private collectors around the world.


  BFA University of WI, Milwaukee, WI, 1969
Milwaukee Institute of Technology, Milwaukee, WI, 1966
Layton School of Art, Milwaukee, WI, 1965

Museum Collections
  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY City
Le Fond National díArt Contenporain, Paris, France
Musee d'Art Modern, Paris, France

Selected Grants & Awards
  Commission Green Festival of Hiroshima, 1997
National Endowment for the Arts, Japan Fellowship, 1996
MA Art Lottery (two), 1994
Puffin Foundation Grant, 1993
Pollock/Krasner Grant, 1992
Artist Space Exhibition Grant, 1991
NY State Council on the Arts (Hudson River Project), 1989
Artist Space Exhibition Grant MacDowell Colony Fellowship, 1988
NY Foundation for the Arts/Sculpture, 1987

Selected Exhibitions
  1998   "In the Realm of the Gods," Cortland Jessup Gallery, Provincetown, MA.
"Strong Willow," Site Installation, Klien Art Works, Chicago, IL.
"Nature: Point of Departure," Delaware Arts Center Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY.

1997   "What Site Installations Are," Osaka College of Art, Osaka, Japan.
"Growth Rings," Site Installation, Green Festival of Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan.
"Visionar Quest," Site Installation, Oconomowoc Arts Festival, Oconomowoc, WI.
"Site installations made in Japan," Photo-images, Cortland Jessup Gallery, NY City.
"Swan's Tail," Site installation, LongHouse, East Hampton, NY.
"The Golden Ring," Site Installation, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL.
"Indoors & Out," Walker's Point Center for the Arts, Milwaukee, WI.
"Different Site Installations," Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Milwaukee, WI.
"Photographs of Site Installations made in Japan," Art Space, HAP, Hiroshima, Japan.

1996   "Photographs of Site Installations made in Japan," Hiroshima City Festival, Japan.
"Photographs of Site Installations made in Japan," Gallery Marya, Takatsuki-shi, Japan.
"Photographs of Site Installations made in Japan," Tokyo Textile Institute, Tokyo, Japan.
"Photographs of Site Installations made in Japan," Osaka Art University, Osaka, Japan.
"Photographs of Site Installations made in Japan," Mssohkan Gallery, Kobe, Japan.

1995   "Photographs of Site Installations & Oval Sanctuary," Klein Art Works, Chicago, IL.
Photographs - "1994 Site Installations," Cortland Jessup Gallery, Provincetown, Cape Cod.
"Last Picture Show," Internos Gallery, Milwaukee, WI.

1994   "Mini Art," Internos Gallery, Milwaukee, WI.
"Artists of Family Day," Cape Museum of Fine Art, Dennis, MA.
Photographs of Site Installations & "Transformation," in-gallery Installation, DNA Gallery, Provincetown, MA.
"Sculpture in the Garden Site Installation," Cape Museum of Fine Art, Dennis, MA.
"Photographs - 1993 Site Installations," Cortland Jessup Gallery, Provincetown, Cape Cod.
"Photographs & Site Specific Installations," Chestnut Hill Mall, Boston, MA.
"Fused," Higgins Art Gallery, Cape Cod Community College, West Barnstable, MA.
"Nature by Design," Kohler/Clark Gallery, Milwaukee; WI.

1993   "Spiral Inside," Cortland Jessup Gallery, Provincetown, MA.
"Five Reed Sculptures in Five Windows on Fifth Avenue," Bergdorf/Goodman, NY City

1992   "Water Parquet," Atlanta Arts Festival, Atlanta, GA.
"Prairie Ring," Haggery Museum of Art, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.
"Mountains of the East" [fabric installation], One Main, Brooklyn, NY.

1991   "Sculptors on Paper," University of WI Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI.
1990   "Jyvaskyla Opus" [site installation], Jyvaskyla Arts Festival, Jyvaskyla, Finland.
"Photographs of Reed Sculptures," Gallery Fotokran, Jyvaskyla, Finland.

1989   "Photographs of Hudson River Site Installation," Kleiner Art Center, Woodstock, NY.
"Photographs of Reed Sculptures," Albany City Hall, Albany, NY.
"Photographs of Reed Sculptures," Kattskiller-Greene County Council on the Arts, Catskill, N.Y.
"Photographs of Reed Sculptures," Kingston Area Library, Kingston, NY.
"Photographs of Reed Sculptures," 93 Main, Cold Spring-on-Hudson, NY.
"Fabric Installation & Photographs of Reed Sculptures," Cornella Cotton Gallery, Croton-on-Hudson, NY.

1988   "Off the Wall, & New Generation" [fabric installations & works-on-paper], Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, N.Y.
1987   "Site Installations of the Summer of 1987," and "Documentary Photographs of Reed Sculptures," Twining Gallery, NY City.

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