Evelyn Patricia Terry

Imaginary Blinders of Ignorance
Pastel, 30" x 44"

The Unintentional Silence of the Anguish
Pastel, 30" x 44"


In the Beginning, The Obsession
Pastel, 22" x 30"

More Forces Moving
Pastel, 30" x 44"

A Special Sudden Motion
Pastel, 30" x 44"


Exciting the Motions
Pastel, 30" x 22"

About the Art


Most objects in the picture represent something. Symbols are used as a means to connect ideas. In "The Struggle and The Fish" and "In the Beginning, The Obsession", my work centers around religious questions and spiritual concepts. The generic gingerbread shapes represent people. They became the symbols of my two children in the two later pieces, "Imaginary Blinders of Ignorance, The Thin Line; " and "The Unintentional Silence & The Anguish. " The children are represented as floating smaller dark shapes caught hanging on in the right half of the diptychs entangled in emotional drama. The format of the diptych is my way of giving equal time to the pain of both the man and the woman drawn as tormented ghost like shapes. The male's life is on the left and the woman's life is on the right. There is a proliferation of symbols. "Crosses" represent religious and-or spiritual concerns. The triangle serves as a visual unifying device denoting an underlying feeling of some third entity overpowering the male-female relationship in a subtle, secret, silent, but destructive way. The masks over the eyes serve as the blinders to answers, causing pain and torment. The thin line is a reference to holding on to sanity. The titles reflect my feelings as I strive to assess the circumstance and interpret them in a symbolic language.

Non objective

These drawings began in 1981, after I became frustrated with supervisors and quit my job as a Graphics Technician with the Milwaukee Sewage District. Immediately after arriving home, I picked up my pastels, deciding to "draw straight lines" (my original job responsibility) the way that I wanted to draw straight lines. Resolving to create lemonade from lemons, I developed a new body of work, the non objective color pastel drawings, beginning a style that has continued to the present. This seemingly negative experience became positive. Releasing and documenting my feelings through layers and blends of smeared and scribbled color, I create a range from small staccato lines to broad sweeping strokes. The horizontal band, which I draw with a ruler, creates a calm for the passionate chaotic scribbles.

MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), May 1985
MS, The School of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, May 1973
B F A, The School of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, May 1970

Solo Exhibitions
2000St. John's Uihlein Peters Gallery, 10 year Retrospective, Milwaukee, WI
1998South Dallas Cultural Center, Dallas, TX
1995Delind Fine Art, Inc., Milwaukee, WI
1993Intermedia Arts Gallery, Installation, Minneapolis, MN
1992Posner Gallery, Milwaukee, Wl
1991Walker's Point Center for the Arts, Installation, Milwaukee, WI
1990Peltz Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
1990Spaso House Gallery, Moscow, U.S.S.R.
1983Ozaukee Art Gallery, Cedarburg, WI
1983Bradley Galleries, Milwaukee, WI
1983Concordia College Fine Art Galleries, Milwaukee, WI
1976North Florida Junior College Art Gallery, Madison, FL
1974University of Wisconsin Platteville, Platteville, WI

Grants, Awards, Fellowships
1999Spirit of Milwaukee Grant, Neighborhood Millennium Art Initiative, $50,000, Milwaukee, WI
1999Helen Bader Foundation Grant / Permission to Paint, Please!, $40,000 Milwaukee, WI
1997Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Commission, Grant / Permission to Paint, Please!, $16,000, Madison, WI
1993Milwaukee County Individual Artist Fellowship, $4,000, Milwaukee, WI
1993Intermedia Arts/McKnight Fellowship, $8,000 for the installation ìSubtle Memories and Empty Promises," Minneapolis, MN
1992Diverse Visions of Minnesota Intermedia Arts Grant, $4,455 for two videos "Women Need To Release" and "Street Talk:Survival Wise" produced in collaboration with Dena Aronson, Minneapolis, MN
1987Milwaukee Artists Foundation Grant, "Seven at Lincoln," Milwaukee Artists Foundation, Milwaukee, WI
1986Wisconsin Arts Board Project Grant, "Color No, Color Yes!" $2,500 for catalog, Madison, WI

1994Midwest Express Convention Center, Milwaukee, WI 1997 Planned Parenthood, Milwaukee, WI
1992Brandywine Press, Week residency to produce hands on Print, Philadelphia, PA
1991High Smith Press, Inc., Bookcover "The Multicolor Mirror," (Cover Design) Fort Atkinson, WI
1989Miller Brewing Company, Twelve portraits for Gallery of Greats, Calendar, Milwaukee, WI
1985Percent For The Arts, Wisconsin Art Board, Madison, WI, Wilson State Office Building, Madison, WI

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